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Being the major player in the industry has rewards for our clients in terms of your monthly airtime bills. Not only do we pass on the volume discounts we are able to attract from the satellite operators, but we also have a dedicated team whose only job is to ensure that your invoices are timely and accurate! Furthermore, we recognise the different requirements of our Air, Land and Sea subscribers and this is reflected in our individualized business units for these.

TC Communications has the best airtime solutions in the business. TC is able to provide competitive voice; fax and data connections for most satellite terminals and offer full account management features via our three-airtime services; AeroQuik: Data with Altitude, RemoteLink: Data from the Edge, MariTime: Data with Depth,

You can connect your satellite communications terminal with TC primarily via the Iridium and Inmarsat Network. TC connects all satellite terminals such as:

  • Iridium
  • IsatPhone Pro
  • BGAN
  • Fleet BroadBand
  • Swift BroadBand
  • GAN (M4)
  • Swift 64
  • Fleet 33, 55 & 77
  • Mini M
  • Sat B, C & M
  • Thuraya
  • D+ (SatTracker)
  • Isat MtoM

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Helen Youssef

Helen Youssef
Airtime Manager

Helen completed her Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing in 2004 and went to work for a mortgage broker for the last five and a half years, climbing the corporate ladder to become the head Sales and Processing Manager.

Helen joined TC in 2010 as the new Marketing Coordinator and Airtime Product Manager.  Looking for a new challenge, she brings a fresh outlook to this niche market and aims to ensure each client is dealt with personally.

Contact Helen to discuss what airtime options are available to you on 02 9714 5104 or




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